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Sami Gardner

I inspire artistic, techie, and globally conscious types to craft their careers and businesses on their own terms.

The Story So Far...

I am a Career Kickstarter, LinkedIn Consultant, former Librarian, and  current Digital Nomad!

In 2017, I was burnout from work and realized after a decade of saying that I was going to get out of my hometown… I had only gotten as far as 20 minutes north on the highway. 

Cue wanderlust.  

After preparing to work remote and live international, I said Bon Voyage to my 9-5 job as an employment specialist at a non-profit. Everything that couldn’t be carried on, had to go! 

I brought only the essentials including a stable freelance career coaching contract with a tech bootcamp and a growing online business. 

 In my first nomadic year, I traveled to Brazil, Colombia, USA, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Morocco! 

Along the way, I explore my passion for travel, good food, writing, and entrepreneurship. 

My Projects & Brands

Online Career Coaching, Job Search Strategy, and self-study courses to evolve your career!

LinkedIn Consulting and courses for online and small business owners.

Weekly podcast with special guests, career advice, and more to motivate you.