Don’t Get Cocky, Kid

I am a career strategist who works with tech professionals and my career why is economic empowerment. I preface my post with that so you, the gentle reader, understand that I am in the job seeker’s corner. 

Because I am going to get ‘real,’ as the kids say, on a phenomenon that I see on LinkedIn that makes me cringe. Let me set the scene…

So, you’re a hot shot tech professional with a great job, fantastic perks, and high pay. You must feel like the good times will last forever because half of your posts are about how recruiters are bothering you, how keeping an updated portfolio is silly, and how dare employers ask for a cover letter! Don’t they know who you are?!? 

I work with a lot of mid-level tech professionals who find themselves displaced. Their startup folded, their department was laid off, their job was outsourced… the story may be different, but the outcome is the same. They are out on the open market again.

And it’s not kind. 

You may think, ‘but I have years of experience so I can get a job in a snap…’ Except that it is taking weeks and those turn into months. Your skills need updating, your network is silent, and those recruiters… well, you told them to put you on the do not call list so they did. 

You’re finding that humble pie is hard to chew. Yet you can prevent this. Understand that every job should be considered temporary. 

Your portfolio, network, and resume should be ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. And those recruiters… well, cultivate the most relevant as connections. 

 Trust me, if you don’t like recruiters bugging you now, you will REALLY not like them ignoring you later.