You can make your own luck!

The secret to luck isn’t rabbit’s feet, special hats, or rubbing a buddha belly. Blowing out a candle isn’t the only way to make a wish. People think of luck as a chaotic current in their lives, striking mysteriously. Fortune can be as random, but it can also be the logical consequence of habits and putting yourself out there. It only looks like magic from the outside.

Luck can be attracted through preparation and positioning. There are some people who always seem lucky in love, business, the arts, etc. It doesn’t matter if they are the neighbor who is always winning raffles or the college buddy who gets a promotion seemingly every quarter. The truth is that they aren’t just luck magnets, they are hunting for it. Life is a game that you have to play to win. You have to enter the raffle to get a prize, after all.

Lucky people just do more to invite luck. They plant seeds of possibility constantly. Instead of job hunting only when they are unemployed, they always have their eyes open and keep networking so they step from opportunity to opportunity. That is the trick about creating luck. It’s like keeping up a garden. It’s ongoing. You’ll plant seeds, water, and pull weeds even when you don’t want too. Lucky people keep pushing even after the pressure is off.


Because they know that the prep and positioning primes you for an opportunity, but you need still need to be agile enough to hop on it. That is usually a mindset issue. Opportunity is knocking, do you have the guts to answer?

Fear of success can sting as much as fear of failure.

The easy part of luck is that it can be broken down into small routine actions. The maddening thing about luck is the same. The daily grind of luck can get frustrating because you’re waiting and it strikes when it wants. Yet these positive actions add up. If you network then end up finding a job through a cold calling recruiter, it doesn’t mean that you wasted your efforts on building a network. That is still an asset where luck can emerge down the road.

There is a woke joke meme making the rounds in personal development groups asking if it’s manifesting or privilege. When I talk about luck, I do so with the understanding that everyone has different limitations. The general principle that prep + positioning + community = luck works for most, but some people have harder rows to hoe in their luck garden.

The more you become aware of luck, the more you realize that people get hit with opportunities all the time. These usually come from other people, but sometimes they are ideas, crucial knowledge, etc. We just fumble the catch or just flat out ignore the possibilities. It is critical that you begin to open your eyes or else you’ll miss your golden goose when it walks by. You train your opportunity spider-sense through positivity thinking and reframing situations with the idea that things don’t happen to you but for you. This will become reflexive so you can eventually find a silver lining in every cloud.

Ready to get lucky? I pasted a list of actions to boost your luck!

Summary: the secrets to luck…

👉 Prep and positioning, even when you’re comfortable

👉 Answer luck’s call

👉 Allowing yourself to see opportunities

Lucky Actions

Want to be luckier in your career and business? Here are your luck boosters. Keep in mind that luck is people generated so stack your squad with positive people who support you!

👉 Find meetup groups in your field to increase your industry friends

👉 Start an online portfolio challenge and share on LinkedIn

👉 Submit a workshop idea to a local conference

👉 Let friends know your career goals

👉 Enroll in an online course and actively participate with classmates and the teacher.

👉 Put your business card on a local bulletin board

👉 Answer an industry question on Quora and attach a link to your portfolio

👉 Submit your resume to a talent pool

👉 Volunteer for a professional organization

👉 Help a peer

👉 Freelance on a side hustle

👉 Follow your dreams

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