You are the Art & the Artist

Everything is a construct including you.

You are the art and the artist.

If you are a grown independent person and don’t like something about yourself or your life, don’t passively flop like a fish out of water in the face of challenges.

Find what you can change and start changing it!

  • Ditch a toxic friend or relative.
  • Retrain for a new career. 
  • Paint your nails a new color.
  • Whatever. 

Take the first step to a better life.

The longer that you marinate in unhappiness, learned helplessness, and regret, the more comfortable you will get in the rut. It will be easier to justify your inaction as more of your life slips away. You’ll find all the reasons why you can’t do it. You’ll pointedly ignore all the examples of people with the same disadvantages as you who said F that noise and just DID WHAT THEY WANTED ANYWAY.

It will become easier to blame everyone and everything because you didn’t get your own shizzle together.

Buck up, buttercup!

I did the same thing- oh, I am too LGBT, grew up poor, I went to a bad school, women shouldn’t travel solo, etc etc etc.

Let me tell you the bitter truth from my own experience… Your excuses will choke you because it’s not about your circumstances at the end of the day.

You could win the lottery tomorrow and still end up broke and unhappy, as so many lottery winners do, until you do the deep work on yourself and for yourself.

It’s on you, boo boo.

Too often people get caught up in the things that they cannot change. They overlook what is in their own power. Don’t accept defeat so easy.

There is always something that you can change in your life from your hair to your location.

You are responsible for your own happiness.


No one else can make happiness happen for you. That’s an inside job.

It’s that easy and that hard.

Your life can be a masterpiece. Just pick up the brush. 🖌️

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