Career Brand Accelerator

What is a common problem that I see for job seekers and career changers? They know how to do their jobs, but not how to find the RIGHT job. This is due to a combination of blurry career vision, lack of job hunting skills, and zero personal branding.

Why is that important?

Experienced professionals can spend as much time looking for work as a newbie when they neglect their networking, portfolio, etc and then end up in jobs that feel like a dead end. There isn’t a secret to building a career you love, but there is strategy involved.

Let this be the summer where you finally get out of the career rut and create a career that you love!

I believe that if you kickstart your career, you kickstart your life. Most career coaches focus on discovering your passion, I go a step farther by taking your dream and turning it into a plan with actionable tactics to build your industry profile, develop your network, and create a recession-proof career.

How have I helped lead designers in London, seniors in Seattle, and juniors worldwide kickstart their careers? I blend coaching and consulting with my Career Brand Accelerator to give flagging careers a jolt of clarity, action, and accountability.

In this 4-session coaching package, we dive deep into your career vision, revise your application materials, and hammer out a strategy that leans on your strengths.

What do my clients say?

I successfully switched my career from project management to UX design within 3 months, and I wouldn’t have made it without her! – Cici

I can’t wait to work with her again! – Natalia

If you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a new job then you need to step your game up with accountability, practical tools, and the right mindset. Let’s uplevel your career together!

The investment for the Career Brand Accelerator is $999 but think of the ROI of learning how to hack your personal brand and grow your career.

Apply to work with me here:

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