I am all about the high-level strategy when it comes to career development. I have links for days, a stack of business cards, a listing of tech meetups around the world, and more in my career compendium file. In one of my sessions, I can give a client a tailored plan on how to start dominating their field depending on their networking archetype, their content creation preferences, and intersecting interests. These sessions can be for brazen careerists, side hustle heroes, and freedom-minded entrepreneurs.

Want to go from zero to hero in your space?

Come out of nowhere, then end up seeming everywhere in your niche?

Let’s talk then.

HOWEVER, while I can craft a plan until the cows come home and then career counsel the cows, it’s up to the client to implement it.

As always, in all things, your results depend on you, boo boo. You are the only controllable factor after all.

Harsh but true observation: Most people don’t have much get up and go with the follow-through to match.

Note, I am not talking about people with health issues and other hard limits on their energy, career momentum, etc. I feel for those people and they aren’t the ones I am talking about so don’t get it twisted.

I am talking about the ones who know that they were made for more, can do more, but throw around excuses as their potential rots within.

I have been that person.

I wasted the bulk of my twenties before I realized that the clock was ticking. I kept waiting for my life to begin without understanding… it’s already begun!

Life is now. And now. And now. Time stretches on but a year can feel endless yet over in a snap when you are living in a rut, denying your potential, and smothering your dreams with a pillow of mediocrity.

If you are reading this then I have a feeling that you ready and raring to make things happen in your life. It feels like tough going, right? Implementation feels hard at a first. It’s like training for a marathon.

Maybe you have started projects then let them slide. Or maybe you have done a lot of research, took some notes, and then balked at step two. You might have even joined a networking group or a course then faded out after a week. This is pretty normal. Even the top mentored courses have a drop out rate higher than 30%. Starting is easy, follow-through is hard.

Truth is that it’s not lack of knowledge, support, or tech tools that holds most people back in their careers or businesses.

Its mindset and the ability to keep going when the roads get rocky, seas get choppy, and you feel lost in the wilderness. They also call this grit.

Mindset and grit are essentially shorthand for your ability to emotionally regulate yourself in response to stimuli and prime yourself for intentional action.

Motivation evolves.

Willpower needs frequent recharging.

Discipline takes time to develop.

Working on your mindset is how you can take the resources that you have and the strategy/knowledge that you have gained then run down your goal with them.

A healthy positive mindset is how you see yeses instead of nos. It’s how you find open doors among the closed. It’s how you accurately take stock of the hand you’ve been dealt instead of deciding to fold because it’s not a bunch of aces.

In Brazil, they have a word called jeitinho which means “to find a way.” It’s how you can look at what you have, what you don’t, then be a magician to conjure what you need. You can’t find a way if you aren’t looking for one. Grit is how you can keep your eyes on the horizon even if it is raining.

A gritty mindset can be honed over time. The best way to develop this for yourself is to keep your promises to yourself. You don’t have to say yes to everything, but if it matters to you (truly matters, know the differences between whims, wants, and needs) then commit to it. Don’t be that ‘one-day’ person.

My boy Yoda once said, Do or do not, there is no try. It’s true for the Jedis and its true for people.

The next thing that you can do is stop making excuses and pushing the blame for your failures, lack of trying, etc. You can’t find a solution when you are looking for excuses.

That was hard for me. I was educated enough to be able to develop a long list of societal limitations from the patriarchy to my finances that could/would hamper me. A lot on that list was true, but a lot could be overcome, planned for, or was just BS of my own making. Know the difference. A real barrier to success can be strategized around. Mental blocks need to be pulled out.

A third important step is to mind your own business, stay in your own lane, and quit sipping the haterade as you judge others. Jealousy ain’t cute, honey.

I know because I have been that hater and I caught a glimpse in the mirror.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Remember that when you are looking over at your neighbor’s yard, assuming that they must have had some advantages that made them get ahead. Some of the most accomplished people have hidden traumas, hardships, and struggles that they don’t wear on their sleeves. If you are in the States and reading this, keep in mind that almost 44% of all U.S. Fortune 500 Companies in 2018 were founded by immigrants or their children aka people who started on the bottom and worked their way up to the top.

Always be aware that the ‘overnight’ success that triggers your green-eyed monster probably hustled for years to make that ascendance seem effortless.

There is enough success to go around. Your unique vision of success can’t be the same as another’s. You’re not chasing after the same prize even if you are in the same industry. Even for business owners, your clients will be attracted to working with you because you are you.

Focus on you, boo, and what you’re serving up. Unless someone is hiring you, working with you, supporting you, or helping you grow, they don’t concern you.

Discipline, grit, and mindset along with a clear aligned goal will get you far in this world. It’s up to you to decide where you want to go then build a strategy to get there.

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